The Band

Robert “Chop” DiJoseph, Lead Vocals

The quintessential front man, Chop has it all…rugged good-looks and the charm of a serial stalker. His vocal range is beyond question (or he gets upset and storms out of practice). When asked about his performance, Rolling Stone Magazine said, “it’s funny, the more I drink the better he sounds.”

One thing is for certain, with Chop up front, you will have the time of your life!

Rob “Doc” Lind, Guitar

Ok… he’s an alien. Better said, he’s Canadian. A true technician, (heaven forbid you miss a note), Doc  is one of the founding members of CAS. His flawless guitar skills are matched only by his impeccable sense of style.

As a philanthropist, Doc has single-handedly kept Dave Philips Music in business. When asked, the general manager of Dave Philips had this to say, “I’ve heard him play…his checks are always good!”

Kevin Reifel, Guitar

A truly gifted musician, Kevin has the uncanny ability to make any song sound like an off-key VanHalen tune. Kevin brings a sense of flair and fashion to the group or as he puts it, “I’m the eye-candy”.

In his spare time, he has begun writing his memoirs. His book, Slide It Till You Find It”, is the story of a guitar solo gone bad and it’s struggle to end on a good note.



Gary Zell, Drums and Vocals

The only real talent of the band (and writer of this website), Gary provides the back beat that holds this entire house of cards together.

Truth is, we’d probably be better off with a drum machine… In fact, I’m pretty sure they would if I didn’t own half of the equipment.

Chris Szanto, Bass Guitar and Vocals

Former professional soccer star, now the bassist for Chops and Sauce…hell of a life he’s carved out for himself. Chris is a Geddy Lee wannabe, and if we discount talent, vocal ability, looks and money he’s pretty darn close!

As the newest member of the band, he is still in the midst of his pledgeship. As such nothing more needs be written here…